Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Heart is FULL

I am SUPER proud of you, Sophie Sugai. You are SO very introverted, but we have been working on you trying new things and not shutting down when unfamiliar people talk to you. So, this morning Josiah wanted to stay home after having a migraine last night. I thought once you found out you would want to stay home, but you didn't. Instead, you went to camp. We stayed home all morning because I was anticipating a phone call to come pick you up, but it never happened. I got a phone call around 2:45pm saying you were ready to come home. Some parents would think that you failed because you didn't make it the whole day, but I rejoice because this was a BIG step towards what we have been working on. Now, you are cuddled up next to me with Tobias (eventually) snuggling with you and my heart is FULL!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Be Still

Yesterday morning as we got up and were getting ready to drive to NC, Sophie had told my mom that her stomach hurt.  She had told me Sunday night after dinner that her stomach hurt, but I thought it was because she had three helpings of dinner.  She never eats that much, but after spending most of the afternoon in the pool, I thought she was hungry.  A little while later, she was outside running around, so I thought she was feeling better. 

When I heard that her stomach was still hurting, I just wanted to cry.  We had already delayed our trip a day because Kyrie had been running a high fever.  Her fever had come down enough and her spunky personality had come back, so I figured she was well enough to travel.  Instead of making a decision in that moment, I decided that I was going to go take a shower and just talk with God about what I should do.

As I was taking my shower, I asked God why all this was happening.  I shared that we were just trying to get to VA so we could get settled so we could start the ministry He was calling us to (like He needed for me to tell Him that!! Hahaha!!) And then I asked Him for some insight because I didn't want to travel if He didn't want me to.  Then as I waited, I heard the word "personality."  I stood puzzled and asked, "Personality? What does that mean?"  And in that moment a flood of memories came back from my childhood days of moving because my dad was in the Air Force.  I remembered getting anxious before a move...I remembered getting sad leaving the few friends I had made...I remembered the stomachaches.  I thanked the Lord for revealing this information to me, and I finished getting ready so I could go talk with Sophie.

I called her into my bedroom and asked her if she thought her stomach hurt because she was sick or if something else was bothering her to make her stomach hurt.  Then she was cuddled next to me crying.  I just held her and rubbed her back.  After she calmed down a bit, she told me that she was sad to be leaving her Awana friends...nobody specific, but just being at Awana with her friends.  Since we are both introverts, I totally could relate to wait she was feeling.  I shared with her about the difference between an extrovert and an introvert.  I explained to her that we are both introverts.  I related to her about how I felt when I was her age and had to move.  And then, we prayed.  We prayed for God to bring peace to her heart.  We prayed for safe travels.  We prayed for that special friend that God already knows about just for Sophie.

I thanked God for that moment because being an introvert I saw the amazing-ness of  the fact that she shared with me something so personal.  I was thankful because she trusted me enough to share her worries.  I was thankful because we had this opportunity to bond as mother and daughter.

I share this to ask you for prayers for Sophie...and Kyrie.  To pray that God will send that special friend for them.  I also share to encourage you to go before God with anything and everything.  He STILL speaks to us.  He STILL gives us insight into situations.  He STILL wants to lead and guide our every step and decision.  He STILL wants to walk with us through each and every moment of every day.  All we have to do is BE STILL.

This morning as I was waiting for the kids to get up, I came across this verse!  How AMAZING is He?!?!


Thursday, February 18, 2016

First Soccer Game

Well, this is your first year of playing soccer and so far you are having a GREAT time!!  Daddy happens to be your coach because at the last minute your first coach ended up leaving town.  (We still aren't sure what all that means.)  Daddy asked Auntie Shue if she wanted to be the assistant coach, and she said yes.  The two of them are having so much fun coaching together.  They do a great job balancing each other out.

I want you to know that we are proud of you for trying something new.  I know that sometimes new things are a little scary to you...they are unfamiliar, you aren't sure...but you were willing to try something new, and I think it is WONDERFUL!

Getting a pre-game pep talk

Little Brother watching the game...I think he may be out there next year playing some soccer!

Playing defender

Getting a pep talk in the middle of the game
  Sophie Su, I so enjoyed watching you play your first game!  I can't wait to see watch your other games and see how much you will learn this season!  I want you to know that in my eyes you are already successful because you were willing to try something new!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Polar Bear Birthday Party

Another year has come and gone...time please slow down!  You wanted a polar bear birthday party, so I accepted the challenge.  I think you had a great day as we celebrated you and your precious life.  Happy 6th Birthday, Sophie Sugai!  We love you more than words could ever express!

One great thing about Sophie wanting a winter themed birthday party...I hit the stores after Christmas and got some SUPER cheap decorations!!

Add  a little polar bear here and there and she was EXCITED for the polar bear party

Keep Calm and Love Polar Bears...I have a feeling this will come out every winter. :)

Had to get creative with the polar some sparkly paper, cut out a polar bear and added it to the flowers.

Polar bears in the tree branches

Sophie's birthday banner

Decorated the mantle with white and snowflakes...even found a polar bear ornament

Party favor bags

Polar Bear Paw Cupcakes

Snowflake Cupcakes

Snowballs on a Stick

Thin Ice Cookies

Snow Covered Fruit

Snow Flurries

Arctic Circles

Polar Bear Food

Hot Chocolate Bar...hard to really enjoy with 70 degree weather

Polar Bear Cookies my sister made...she thinks Pinterest is the devil!! :)  

Playing in the backyard--such a silly boy!

Love this boy

Such a goof!

Bryson came to celebrate

Along with Lily

This girl melts my heart

Getting ready to run the Icicle Relay

Runny so fast!

Getting ready to have a "snowball" fight

Bryson kept getting I had to tickle him!

Josiah got me while deep in conversation with Kyrie

Planning his next attack

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Opening presents

Such a BIG girl---love her so much

Saturday, January 23, 2016

6 years old

Well, I can't believe our first daughter is 6 years old.  It seems just like yesterday that we were waiting for your arrival. 
You entered this world as a dark haired  squishy baby.  When I first saw you and your dark hair, I thought finally a baby who looks like me.  By nine months, your hair lightened to a light brown with some blonde highlights looking more and more like your Daddy.  
Even though you don't look very much like me, we definitely share a lot of the same characteristics.   I love how you are cautious in unfamiliar settings, but once you get familiar with your surroundings you live and love passionately! There have been times in my life where I wasn't comfortable with who I am...wishing I was a little more outgoing...wishing it wasn't so hard for me when I am in new situations.  But because of you, God has shown me that it is OK to be cautious in unfamiliar settings.  It is OK for me to sit back and observe what is going on.  And at the same time, He has challenged me to put myself out there, so I can model for you to handle uncomfortable situations.  God is definitely using you in my life to grow me in areas that are hard for me.   I have enjoyed watching you grow in school...doing addition and subtraction, writing short stories, and getting more detailed with your drawings. It makes me so excited to see how much you love school and love to learn.  I am so thankful that we get to go on this journey together.  I love watching you run...watching the wind blow your hair with no worries in the world.  You have such a carefree spirit.  We see this mostly in the way you dress.  I have enjoyed playing soccer in the backyard...seeing you have a confidence...a confidence that doesn't show up in unfamiliar you run around keeping the ball from me. I am proud of you for wanting to try something new.  I pray that in a few days as you experience your first practice, you will have that same carefree spirit and confidence that you have in the safety of our backyard.   But if you don't, know that I will be right there cheering you on, walking with you and completely understanding your cautiousness because chances are I will be feeling the same thing!
These are just a few things I love about you, Sophie Sugai!  I thank God everyday for you and what He is teaching me as I parent you.  I hope you will always know how much we love you and how honored we are to be your parents.

Here are a few pictures from our photo shoot...such a pretty girl...inside and out!

Monday, May 18, 2015

AWANA Award Night

This past year you have been attending AWANA at Community Baptist Church in LaGrange, NC.  You have done a great job memorizing your verses each week.  Remember it isn't about just memorizing verses, but applying them to your life.  We are so proud of you, Sophie Sugai!!  We love you so much...keep up all the hard work you have done!

Sophie getting ready to go to the AWANA Award Night

Sophie with her class...a few kiddos are missing

Sophie getting her ribbon saying she completed  Cubbies...can't believe she will be in Sparks next year!

Celebrating with some ice cream

Sophie with her teacher

Sophie with her other teacher, Ms. Martha

Monday, January 5, 2015

5 years

Well, we are 10 days shy of your 5th birthday...WHAT!?!?  I was able to get your 5 year old pictures done early...WHAT!?!  You have grown so much in the last year.  You are excelling in school...reading fluently, adding and counting, writing sentences.  Your favorite subject is science.  I love your excitement for life whether it is playing outside, doing your school work, helping just have a passion to embrace life to its fullest.  The Lord continues to grow you into who He wants you to be, and I am so honored to be a witness to that growth.  So, take a few minutes to enjoy these wearing a polar bear sweater dress and a polar bear vest.  We got this special outfit because you LOVE polar bears!